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The Weekly Mantra : 6 July 2015

This weeks Mantra is a progression of last weeks mantra.   The mantra of the week is: " Take one step at a time. Repeat. "   As simplistic as it seems, it's incredibly easy to get tripped up and fall flat on your face by trying to leap from point A to  point Q. From point A, we might leap easily to point C (because point B is being nice and cooperative; thank you, B.)   Why then is it, that our minds continually scurry causing many scraped knees and blows to the head as it bolts ...

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The Weekly Mantra : 30 June 2015

The mantra of the week is:   “Every journey begins with a single step.”   This mantra is an amazing reminder. All too often, we judge our every action. I know I do and more often than not, doing so SLOWS me on my journey rather than allowing me to progress on to another step….

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a smile is the shortest distance between two people.

Experiment with a SMILE…

Smile. Simple right? Two corners lifting UP. Victor Borge said it quite smartly, “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” Have you ever practiced the art of smiling regularly?   Just today I made myself a sticky little note. I wrote, “keep calm, breathe, smile”.   I had to make some calls

Dr Rona Thau

Welcome to my WWW living room!

Welcome to my revamped website! I’m thrilled to have you visit because it’s incredible that we can connect ALL OVER THE WORLD and be together in a venue like this!  YAY! It’s my intent to serve you delectable content with lots of valuable user friendly info to empower your life, bring out your best bits…

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